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Project Rozana

Project Rozana

Project Rozana is committed to building bridges between Israelis and Palestinians through the field of healthcare, an area of civil society where both meet on a broad scale. Providing opportunities for Palestinian professionals and patients to access the Israeli healthcare system will build trust and promote mutual respect from which both communities will benefit. Founded in 2013 in Australia, the idea has been embraced by affiliates in the United States, Canada, Israel and across the West Bank and Gaza.

Project Rozana is built on three key initiatives: Training, Transportation and Treatment.

Training: We provide financial support for Palestinian doctors, nurses and therapists to receive advanced training at medical facilities in Israel before returning to build the healthcare capacity of their communities. Long-term professional relationships are forged while patients from both communities benefit.

Transportation: We have partnered with respected Israeli NGO ‘Road to Recovery’ which provides transportation to Palestinians from checkpoints on the border of Gaza and the West Bank for treatment at hospitals in Israel. Without this free service, many Palestinian families would not be able to access the much-needed medical services in Israel.

Treatment: Funding is available for critically ill Palestinian children in Israeli hospitals when financial aid from the Palestinian Authority has been exhausted. Project Rozana is also supporting Syrian children at Ziv Hospital in Safed who have been deprived of medical care because of the civil war.

Learn more about Project Rozana and how you can support their programs here.

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