• “Peace won’t come with more propaganda, mistrust or suppression. Peace will come when we, the people, are reaching out to each other.”

    – Joujou, Palestinian ACTIVIST, Co-Founder of The Peace Factory


Q: Who is Invest in Peace?

A: Invest in Peace is a coalition dedicated to championing efforts on the ground in Palestine and Israel that are moving these societies towards a shared future and coexistence.

We believe in supporting organizations and business that promote economic equality and opportunity for all Israelis and Palestinians.

Q: What does Invest in Peace do?

A: Invest in Peace highlights the efforts of groups across various segments of society that work to improve life for both Palestinians and Israelis.

Invest in Peace’s work will amplify the diminished voices of people who have been working to change the status quo; we are a positive voice of hope among the constant background noise of negative news.

The Invest in Peace community has come together to be that positive voice. We will work together to promote NGOs, social businesses, and private companies working for an equitable society to help create a counter-narrative focusing on what we can do now to develop peace on the ground.

Q: Who supports Invest in Peace?

A: Our coalition is comprised of non-profit executives and board members, elected officials, faith-based community leaders, the LGBTQ+ community, Labor, ethnic community leadership, Jewish organizations locally and abroad, and individuals committed to promoting the shared future of both Palestinians and Israelis.

The coalition is growing as new organizations and thought leaders sign on to mobilize influencers who will ultimately help us promote the less-told stories. Sign up today to join us.

Q: Does Invest in Peace have a position on the Boycott, Sanctions, Divestment (BDS) movement?

A: Invest in Peace opposes the BDS Movement, aimed at punishing and harming Israel. We oppose any measures that would limit or discourage investment and harm employment opportunities for Palestinians, Israelis and Californians. Instead we are focused on positive change through organizations, NGOs and businesses building a future together for both Israel and the future state of Palestine.

Q: Besides the BDS movement is there anything else Invest in Peace opposes?

A: We oppose efforts that delegitimize the national aspirations of both the Israeli and the Palestinian people. We also oppose all forms of hate and bigotry including Islamophobia and anti-Semitism.

Q: What is “anti-normalization” and does Invest In Peace have a position on it?

A: In the context of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, “anti-normalization” is the call for an end to all interactions with anyone who does not support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement (BDS). This extends not only to most Israelis, but also to Palestinians who believe and engage in dialogue and institutions and individuals in the U.S. who are Zionist (support Israel’s right to exist), even if they are actively working to change Israel’s policies in West Bank. Anti-normalization condemns dialogue under the belief that even simply having a discussion “normalizes” Israel. In its application, it seeks to disrupt and end programs that may feature Israeli or Zionist speakers, academics or performers, and to intimidate Palestinians who are engaged in people-to-people programs. Much like BDS, the intent is punishment, which erodes prospects for peace. People-to-people engagement is critical to move conflicted societies toward peaceful coexistence. Invest In Peace is opposed to any effort that makes it harder for people to work together toward a shared future.

Q: If I join, what do you need from me?

A: We want you to join our coalition and publicly endorse our movement. Our goal is to educate and recruit thousands of Bay Area residents to join the coalition, and your support is key. We would like to list you on our website, and reach out to you to help recruit more supporters in your network.

Q: Who founded Invest in Peace?

A: The Jewish Community Relations Council of San Francisco, the Peninsula, Marin, Sonoma, Alameda and Contra Costa counties (JCRC) founded Invest in Peace. The JCRC saw an opportunity to create a community dedicated to a two-state solution focused on positive, people-to-people actions taking place on the ground.

Q: Who is the JCRC?

A: The Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC) is a public affairs organization working on behalf of the Bay Area Jewish community. It represents synagogues and Jewish organizations on critical issues affecting Jews as individuals and as a community.

JCRC creates consensus and leads advocacy efforts in the organized Jewish community, ensuring that their voices are amplified and heard. The JCRC builds bridges with other faith, interest and ethnic based groups that share their passion for social justice, forging relationships based on the issues the community cares about most.

Q: Where can I find a Coexistence is Resistance sign?

A: Download our Coexistence is Resistance sign below: