A PATH TO Peace:
The Interfaith Encounter Association

The Interfaith Encounter Association

In a region plagued by religious conflict, the Interfaith Encounter Association is working to make religion a source of peace and understanding. IEA brings together Jews, Muslims, Christians and Druze for meaningful, positive encounters with people of other faiths. Through thousands of encounters, IEA helps people of different faiths in the Holy Land to appreciate the depth of ‘the other,’ find commonalities, and respect their differences.

Since 2001, Interfaith Encounters has brought 10,000 individuals into conversation with people of other faiths. There are 1,000 individuals meeting in groups on a regular basis for inter-religious dialogue and cross-cultural study. These include a Mothers and Daughters group in Jerusalem, and a Jerusalem-Hebron group focused on connecting Israeli and Palestinian youth. At the heart of IEA’s work is a belief that religion can be the solution to conflict, rather than a cause of it.

We are coming together – now more than ever – to build bridges, overcome prejudice by replacing it with face-to-face knowledge, and thus ensure a better future for ourselves and our children.”

Interfaith Encounters builds peace by strengthening relationships between individuals. Direct acquaintance, mutual respect and friendship have become powerful tools for peace. IEA has facilitated 2200 encounters and 80 groups that meet on a regular basis. Their mission is to facilitate many thousands more. In recognition of IEA’s work, UNESCO has recognized IEA as “an organization that is contributing to the culture of peace.
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