A PATH TO Peace:


Kids4Peace is a global movement of young people and their families, dedicated to ending conflict and inspiring hope in divided societies. Founded in 2002, Kids4Peace operates international summer camps and leadership programs for more than 500 Palestinian, Israeli and North American youth.

By facilitating honest dialogue about different historical narratives and current realities, Kids4Peace fosters long-term relationships and connection between kids in the poorest neighborhoods in East and West Jerusalem, as well as neighboring areas of the West Bank, including Ramallah, Bethlehem, Qalandiya and Hebron. Kids4Peace also has local chapters across North America, including one in Northern California.

“We are trying to change the conversation — to bring new questions, and new answers to the struggle for peace, ones that are based in real relationships of trust and understanding. We invite youth to listen to each other, to proudly share their own identities, and to hear painful and unfamiliar stories in a respectful environment.”

In addition to summer camps, Kids4Peace is committed to face-to-face meetings between children from different religious backgrounds and realities. One program, the K4P Global Institute, brings 50 Palestinian, Israeli and North American kids to Washington D.C. to learn about conflict resolution, engage in honest dialogue with one another, and advocate for a better, more peaceful world on Capitol Hill.

“Kids4Peace spreads the message that “Together, Peace is Possible.”  We are ambassadors of hope who challenge cynical voices and commit to creating a better future.”

Learn more about Kids4Peace and how you can support their programs here.

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